Daily Horoscope for Leo

(JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)


Horoscopes cast for Sunday, November 27th, 2022

The Daily Horoscope Summary for Leo...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family! It kicks off the holiday season here in the US. And Black Friday, hopefully was one for the record books for retailers who were not able to give us the normal shopping experience the last couple of years. Hopefully, not everyone did all their shopping on line and still shopped at local merchants to help keep them in business. Small business owners are still the backbone of the American economy! And as much as I love shopping, and I do, some of the best gifts are home made because there is so much love included!

This weekend we have a stellium of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius after the new moon just barely has moved out of Sagittarius. So, we had 4 planets there, over the holiday, until just today. With a Sagittarius stellium, there can be a tremendous amount of energy for us to expand, explore, and experience. This is when we are super optimistic, always seeing the brighter side of life, and can come up with the greatest ideas possible. But we do need to learn to back up what we say with action. We need to find something that gives us the freedom to spread our wings and fly. Wherever we have Sagittarius in our chart, we must leave our comfort zones, which were learned in our upbringing. With all that being said, this weekend we will look at where Sagittarius falls in each of our charts to see how this stellium affects us. This also tells us how Sagittarius affects us our whole lives.

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The Daily Horoscope for Leo...

With this stellium in Sagittarius you may be going overboard with hobbies or sports. You see travel, sports, romance and learning as fun. You could use partying as a path to wisdom and exploration. There is nothing wrong with having fun! Just be sure those you are involved with are not taking you seriously when you are just joking!

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Daily Tao

Good traveling does not leave tracks
Good speech does not seek faults
Good reckoning does not use counters
Good closure needs no bar and yet cannot be opened
Good knot needs no rope and yet cannot be untied

Therefore sages often save others
And so do not abandon anyone
They often save things
And so do not abandon anything
This is called following enlightenment

Therefore the good person is the teacher of the bad person
The bad person is the resource of the good person
Those who do not value their teachers
And do not love their resources
Although intelligent, they are greatly confused
This is called the essential wonder